Wedding Ceremony

Mountain Blown Glass offers a unique unity ceremony! During the unity ceremony the wife and husband mix two different color sands into one jar to represent their relationship as two different people becoming one! Once the sands are mixed they are virtually unable to ever be separated again. Here at Mountain Blown Glass we offer a similar style instead of mixing the colored sand together you mix colored chips of glass called frit together.  Then you will mail the chips back to us to make you a custom piece of glass with the mixed glass frit. We encourage all to look under our sample gallery to get an understanding of the items we make.

How the process works:

You can either call us @970-577-0880 or e-mail us at to start the process.  Next you choose the colors you would like to mix together. At the bottom you will see a sample of the colors we offer and what the items look like with and without white. Note not all of our colors are posted and when selecting colors we suggest you do not choose white or black as a ceremony color. We can add either of those colors to the piece when we are making it but do to them being a smaller size frit they do not mix during the ceremony well with other colors. We also suggest against using Gold Aventurine in the ceremony. The way we apply colors is by layering them. We do not mix the Gold Aventurine with any other color. So the Gold Aventurine is applied on its own layer by itself.

There are 3 simple steps to this package.

1) Call or email us to communicate and select the colors for the ceremony. This process is priced out with an initial fee of $65.00 for up to four different colors and $13.00 for the shipping. Each additional color is $10.00 and after 6 colors there will be a second shipping fee added. There is also a non refundable deposit of $25.00 that will go towards the final purchase of the item/items you want made with your frit!

2) During the ceremony you will mix all the colors purchased as a representation of both families and its members becoming one! Once the ceremony is over you will be responsible to send the mixed frit back to us at:
Mountain Blown Glass
665 Halbach Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517

3) Once we receive the frit we will make the items of choice and send a email with pictures. There will be a final fee of the price of what items are made and the shipping of those items to you. The $25.00 deposit from step one will be used towards this fee.

We can make the following items from your color chips: Vases, Bowls, Candy Dish, Oil Lamp, Hummingbird Feeder, Wall Hanging (or large center piece), Ornaments or Sun Catchers, Roundels, Wall Flower Vases, Pendant Lamp Shade, Paper Weights, and Marbles.

In advance we would like to Thank-You for allowing us to be a part of your wedding!