Welcome to Mountain Blown Glass!  We thank you for taking the time to see what we create.  Mountain Blown Glass started off as a private studio in the early 2000’s, that studio was constructed in a detached garage, where Dave Clifton would begin his journey as a solo artist.  In the beginning Mountain Blown Glass traveled all over Colorado and near by states doing Arts and Crafts Festivals.  After a few years of traveling it was time to plant our feet and open up a store front.  Mountain Blown Glass is a family owned and operated business.  We pride ourselves in keeping a fun and entertaining store for everyone to enjoy!  We offer live demonstrations that are truly educational and a very entertaining experience for all ages!  Please stop in and experience the joy of Off-Hand Blown Glass if you are in Estes Park, Colorado we would love to meet you!

Meet the G lass Family

Mountain Blown Glass is a Studio and Gallery at 101 West Elkhorn Avenue in beautiful downtown Estes Park, Colorado! We offer a unique opportunity to watch the creation of our glass in a safe studio set up. The emphasis of our site is to offer a visual understanding to some of our hand made glass creations. With this being said, not everything we have will be present. We strongly encourage all customers to come enjoy the live demo’s and view the full gallery! And follow us on Facebook to see the latest pieces.

Dave Clifton

Dave Clifton did an apprenticeship for 4 years before making a life changing decision. He gave up his full time job to spread his creative wings and enter the glass blowing world. He now has 25+ years of blowing glass under his belt and enjoys continuing the art that is Off Hand Glass Blowing!

Cory Clifton

Cory Clifton has spent the last 11 years working with glass. He learned from his father Dave Clifton, who helped him build a foundation to grow from. He now is operating at a Gaffer level and continues to grow. He has a strong passion for stepping outside the box and trying new and different styles. This passion has also allowed him to step into the realm of Torch work. Working in both mediums of glass Cory continues to love learning and growing as a glass artist.

Our Lamp Artists

Mountain Blown Glass offers multiple lamp/torch artist that each specialize in there own creations. Whether you are looking for small hummingbirds to large sharks or earrings to necklaces, We have it!